Jamar Biggz – Dreams @jamarbiggz


“Dreams” is a record that was written and recorded when Jamar Biggz was a young rapper. His fire was just getting hot. This song gives us a small preview into what Hip Hop will look like in the future. He is surely a force to be reckoned with due to the songs focus and engaging flow. “Dreams” is something we all can relate to because it is the ether material that drives us. It is the aspect of life that makes it interesting. Hoping for something, working for it and earning the prize is The whole concept behind “Dreams”.

Jamar Biggz, born Martel Hill, is an influential and energetic American Rapper. Biggz is a intelligent individual who lives for the craft of writing rhymes and clever bars. His latest project, “Figure It Out” illustrates his down to Earth personality as well as his impressive skill. There is so much more to Biggz. He was born with a physical disability and also developed a sight impairment, yet he continues to strive towards his dreams, both aggressively and passionately.

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