Charlie – Koda @charlietherooki


The song “Koda” from Charlie is an amazing, well-written love/heartbreak story of a woman he fell in love with after meeting only two times. The song has a very catchy and memorable chorus that sticks with you after listening to the song. As well as two very intricate, well thought out verse’s that tie the story together. Charlie released an amazing conceptual music video to complement the song that provides incredible imagery to the feelings and emotions described in the song.

Charlie is a new, upcoming, New England based artist who ready for the spotlight. If you don’t already know about Charlie, We are sure you’ll see his name within the next six months. He’s a 20-year-old singer, songwriter, and rapper, and definitely brings a lot of versatility to the table.

Charlie had been making music for five years before publicly releasing any tracks. Since his first released song which was posted seven months ago he’s built a tremendous catalog of music and fan base around his name. As well as dropping three different music video’s, bringing significantly better quality music and production each time. Charlie has also performed a plethora of local shows within the Boston area opening for well-known artists, like Boston rapper, Pistola and Chicago based rapper, Montana of 300. Charlie was then discovered by Musono Creative Agency in Nashua, New Hampshire.

For the last three months, Charlie has been working in collaboration with the Musono and their top engineers, producers, and visual arts directors on his first thirteen song debut Album entitled, “Envy” which will be dropping early/mid-March. He just recently released the music video, for his single, “Koda”, which is the first official video he has dropped in collaboration with Musono. Charlie communicates with his supporters and fans mainly through his Instagram account, (@charlietherookie) and posts content daily of him sharing sneak peeks of upcoming tracks, working alongside Musono on his album, show recaps and more.

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