DIGRESS x EDOLLO Ft SLEN – L.A.F. @louddigression


With years of band experience Digress was no stranger to music when he dived into his new musical likeness, underground rap/hip-hop starting in early 2016. The underground scene with its many sub-genres, categories and genre mixing was everything he was looking for in his creative outlet. And it’s only going up from there, reaching 875k+ views on “L.A.F.” on the T R A S H 新 ドラゴン YouTube channel, stacking up songs/videos and much more.

“With essentially no music scene where I live beside a small handful of dedicated artists”, Digress says. “You have to focus on your music and online presence and be crazy consistent”.

“L.A.F.” is an exhilarating mix of Underground Rap/Hip-Hop, Metal, Punk and much more. Diving into a dark space of self doubt and negative reflection. As well as a spark of optimism.

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