HAARPER – Growth Stunt @haarper77


‘Growth Stunt’ is a self-produced and bass-heavy track that has influences from early Memphis rap and the current underground scene. Trash Gang has created an AMV for the track, adding to the aggression and grit of the beat and vocal performance.

Richard Alexander (born March 5th, 1994), known professionally as Haarper (often stylized as HAARPER), is an American Hip Hop artist from Vacaville, California. He has been producing beats since 2012 but has been involved with music the majority of his life. He learned to play guitar at a young age, eventually playing in metal bands throughout High School as well as serving as frontman on vocals for a few. A couple years after he received his first DAW (digital audio workstation), Ableton, he joined the Air Force to earn a steady income in order to further his interest in music. He is currently out of the military and pursuing music full-time.

Haarper’s music is gritty, dark, combative and at times emotional and ethereal. Inspired by early Memphis rap artists as well as metal influences such as the Deftones, he blends the passion and intensity expressed from both genres into a cohesive and aggressive sonic display. Although he’s only been rapping since 2016 and is a producer at the core, he manages to bring a variety of different vocal performances throughout his music, ranging from a deep and heavy low-pitched vocal delivery, to fast rapid-fire flows and catchy melodic rhythms.

Haarper has been releasing music seriously since late May of 2018, landing 2 of his tracks on Trash Gang’s YouTube page, which currently stands around 1.3 million subscribers. He will be releasing more music videos and projects in the near future, as well as solidifying and perfecting his sound.

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