Jeff Skigh Ft Ace Gabbana – Highway Music @jeffskigh |

Jeff Skigh

Take a psychedelic trip into the corrupt city of Flint where government officials like Rick Snyder have poisoned the citizens. Jeff Skigh expresses his feelings towards the whole situation in the animated video for “Highway Music”, featuring Ace Gabbana.

Jeff Skigh is a Hip Hop artist from Flint, MI. The Flint native spends most of his time working on his craft, watching anime, or online playing fort night or super smash bros melee. Skigh has released two solo projects, “High X” and “Hotbox Music”, respectively in recent years.

Jeff has amassed over 400k streams from his current release, Hotbox Music, single “Good Vibes” which had a hint of nostalgia as the wordplay and beat meld into one. When he’s not writing music or gaming you’ll find Jeff working on and directing his videos with cameramen and animators alike. He takes full creative control when it comes to relaying his vision through his visual concepts.

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