InternationalYouth – Line


“Line” finds InternationalYouth speaking about his desire to reach the top while also expressing the need to stay away from people who’ll bring him down. Several past encounters have resulted in his need to steer clear of bad influences. His approach to rapping has always been positive as he has strong family and friend ties. The filming took place in front of a Chateau in France.

InternationalYouth is a French/ Canadian rapper who was born in 2001 and raised in the suburbs of Paris. ITL started rapping at the age of 16,a year later after working and perfecting his sound he decided to release his first song, “Dripping”, in 2019 he dropped several music videos and one stood out, « Stay ‘ the catchy summer song was well appreciated by the public. In 2020, he will continue dropping music videos and singles as he pursues his dream to grow as an upcoming artist, we will also see an EP coming out at the start of the year.

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