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Johnny Do It goes the “Extra” mile as he flips a flick to his Guapo Beatz production. Johnny describes whatever he does is never to the least of his ability as he aims to take things to the highest level plus a little extra

Johnathan Kirk, better known by his stage name Johnny Do It, is an artist born and raised in Sacramento, California. He first started rapping at the age of 15. His original rap name was Lil J3, but was Later changed to Johnny Do It as the years went on. Artist like Lil Wayne & Andre 3000 were his inspiration into why he wanted to do music. He also looked at Rap as a way to escape what was going on in the real world and express his feelings and thoughts that he had on a daily basis. Experiences that he went through in his life would be things for him to rhyme about in his songs. Johnny strives to put his best foot forward and continues to make music for the people to enjoy. He continues to push his craft forward in order to achieve his goals and dreams he has set.

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