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Serenading With Ghosts, Legenderry Releases His Latest Music Video, ‘Where the Wild Things Roam’

‘Where the Wild Things Roam’ amply reveals what many others have found in Legenderry – his articulate flow, lyrics that tell stories, and a style that is drastically original from anything else in music today. Legenderry’s originality lies within his lyrical genius.

Spirits residing in haunted places may object to the presence of us mortals, but never to music. Ask Legenderry, the emerging star on the hip-hop scene. Legenderry has shot his latest single, ‘Where the Wild Things Roam’ on the sets of a haunted theme park, and the result is now out for everyone to listen and watch.

The video takes music lovers on a different kind of journey. The cinematic video, produced by Nightfall Records, extends Legenderry’s dark branding many steps further, foraying into the prohibited dwellings of night crawlers, and imbuing it with some unique and melodic sounds. The high-budget video was shot on the Haunted Hills Estate in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. The single is part of his soon to be released EP, ‘Salem’s Lot’. Watch ‘Where the wild things roam’ on YouTube.

“Music is my passion, and my lifestyle. Without music, my life wouldn’t be complete. I’m starting to find my dreams, and I don’t want to wake up,” says Brendan Derry

Legenderry carries both ability and the drive to stand out from the rest. Born and raised in West Mifflin, PA, Brendan Derry found music, which runs in his family (his father was a member of a punk-rock band), to be his lifelong love, just like Wiz Khalifa or Mac Miller. He learnt to write lyrics, record and produce his own music, holding his first studio session at the MCM Studios, PA. Among his influences, Legenderry counts Lil Peep, Xxxtentacion, Mac Miller, Juice Wrld.

Nightfall Records is fast gaining traction in Pittsburgh, PA, where Legenderry discovered and honed his passion for music. As a hip-hop and alternative artist, his is a voice that’s only finding its feet now in the mainstream media. Among his previous successes are ‘Beautiful life’ and ‘Suicide’.

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