Lil Swoosh – Like This @LilSwooshh


C.O.S. Entertainment artist, Lil Swoosh, debuts his first visual to the smash hit single “LIKE THIS” which is dedicated to the struggles of his home city of Chester, PA. He spits with a dope flow to express that he never really thought that he would make it to success but ultimately it was/is inevitable. This video is just a glimpse into what’s to come in the very near future from Swoosh and the rest of the crew.

(Lil) Swoosh, Only being 17, is a young kid from the hard knocks who wanted to take a different route than the typical street life most of us go after. Starting in a city like Chester! Swoosh has the will of a lion and grit of a soldier flowing through his blood. The roots of his sound and swag come from Philadelphia however, he decides to twist the average rap game and swag with melodies and more of a “standout-ish” look on when it comes to his style. Swoosh is still able to maintain a mainstream sound that hard pressed to match locally. Overall swoosh has A dramatically unique sound, An understanding of the struggle, A different fashion sense, and potential that is known silently now but will be heard by millions on the stage soon.

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