Kenyadda – Different @Kennj4sho


“Different” is the 3rd and final single from Kenyadda’s project, “HOMAGE”. The song features vocals from Chicago Artist L.A. VanGogh and KB. The lyrics in this song spots the differences of two companions and can almost insinuate that its a breakup song. The backing instrumental gives a down-tempo soulful vibe which gives you nostalgic feels of late 90’s and early 2000’s.

Kenyadda is a rapper, producer, songwriter, engineer, and entrepreneur born and raised in Chicago. With 2 mixtapes under his belt and his debut album on the way, he has become known for his unique combination of authentic hip hop with a soulful vintage feel. Whether you want to vibe out to his catchy beats or dissect his complex multifaceted lyrics, Kenyadda is sure to appeal to music lovers of all kinds.

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