Lil XanniK – Hurt @Yannick_Dietz


The multi-talented artist Lil XanniK is from a small town based in Germany. He always listened to music when he grew up. His main passion was, is and always will be film making. But at the age of 15 he started making music just for fun. Inspired by Lil Peep and XXXTentacion, he tried making his first sad emo track entitled “Hurt”, which he produced together with his best friend and producer Niklas Music in 2018. He enjoys making music to express himself and when a lot of people liked his song he pursued his career as a musician.

“Hurt“ is about a relationship between two people which was just building up, everything seemed perfect and they were made for each other. Suddenly, the contact broke up for some reason even though they saw each other everyday. The video expresses the emotionless feelings you have when you’re sad, don’t know what to do and think about the point of living. The trippy glitch effects, echos, strobe and changes in color give the video a stylistic vibe.

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