Video: Hurt – Since A Jit | @Hurtt1000

Hurt - Since A Jit
Hurt - Since A Jit

Hurt is from Palm Beach County which is a county located in the state of Florida, directly north of Broward County. His only dream was to make it out the street & get rich off a legitl hustle but as a teenager Hurt made a left turn & made millions out the dope trap which lead to him getting into a lot of trials & tribulations in conjunction with lavish street life. After serving a four year bid in the penitentiary for several attempted murder charges & trafficking cocaine he got out & hit the studio working with the Great “Zaytoven” to tell his true stories of wins, losses, ups and downs of street life. This video is taking you into Hurt’s world to get a glimpse of everything he’s rapping about if for only 2 minutes and 43 seconds. Welcome to the streets of Palm Beach,Florda. Here is his first single “Since A Jit”

Video: Hurt – Since A Jit



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