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New Video: Dollar$ign Dz – FMW Or Don’t

A rapper turned music video director who goes by the name Dollar$ign Dz  is getting back in front of the video camera for his new single “FWM (or Don’t)” , a track off his new upcoming Mixtape Simply titled “@DollarignDz. The mixtape is set to include 14 tracks which will serve as a demo for the Chicago native. For the last 5 years Dz has been shooting music videos for artist all around Chicago to the South suburbs of Chicago. He’s shot videos for well known chicago artist such as Mikey Dollaz, & I.L Will, JB Bin Laden, Ya Ya White, and King Yella, Saguto. Dz has also had hand in shooting some of the scenes for Mac Mecca’s upcoming independent film “RobinHoods”.  With over 2,000 Subscribers and 1,000,000+ Views on his youtube Channel (DollarsignDzTv) for other artist, Dollar$ign Dz is now ready get some views for his own music. 
Starting out as a rap artist writing hundreds of raps in his basement, Dz had struggled to get his music recorded until he finally built his home studio and began to put out remixes of his favorite songs. Not satisfied with the quality of the music he was putting out he decided that after high school he would go to college to learn how to become an audio engineer. By the time Dz had graduated high school, he had learned how shoot and edit videos which became a hobby for him. Only a few short years after high school, and after four different colleges, Dz had dropped out of College and decided to go out and learn what he needed to on his own. He got tired of paying for classes that had nothing to do music and decided to invest in some camera equipment to start his business as a video director.
Inspired by old school and new school artist like from the Notorious B.I.G, Big Pun to Tyga and Kanye, Dz is definitely versatile as an artist. The lyrical content is definitely taught provoking at times, and make you wonder if he being serious or he joking around because he definitely laughing on most of his tracks. The unique style of Dollar$ign Dz is definitely noticeable after the just the first listen. He tends to switch up his flow a bit but it always seems to blend well with the track weather he rapping fast or slow. 
Look out for Dollar$ign Dz’s upcoming project “@Dollar$ignDz” which is set to be released Later  this month.


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