Nosmo Ft TylerFlyr – All Fax No Printer @TheNosmo


Nosmo’s “All Fax No Printer” is a bouncy new single with a hard driven, racy beat. The video was directed by Classic James and exhibits tropical imagery derived from the beauty of Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, complemented by the plethora of visual effects provided by Asap Honky. None the less, the video has a great turn of events keeping all viewers on their toes while watching. Tuner into the TylerFlyr featured flick here.

Moving to Chicago was definitely a culture shock for Puerto Rican artist Nosmo. From learning how to navigate the ‘L’, transitioning from being the Artist in San Juan, and familiarizing himself with the scene; Nosmo feels like he has found home. In the wake of hip hop artist infusing elements of Punk and Alternative Rock into their music, Nosmo has also found his sound. Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico Nosmo describes his music as ecstatic, bouncy, and cultural.

Inspired by artist like Mac Miller, My Chemical Romance, and Kodak Black; Nosmo has decided it’s time to make his mark in the ‘new wave’ of music. After a year of being here, Nosmo has been gaining inspiration and recording non stop. Familiarize yourself with Nosmo as he drops his debut visual, “All Fax No Printer”.

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