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The video for “Dreams” finds NUGE back in his hometown of New York City, alternating between catchy melodic rhythms and raw and honest bars with a beautiful girl at his side. The visual scenery switches between an alternating backdrop of skyscrapers and subway scenes to represent the ups and downs of life as a young rapper on the come up coming to terms with love and life and all of its changes.

It’s hard to find rappers these days who stand out and inspire true excitement and passionate reactions from their fellow musicians. But when the late Cliff Dixon was asked what he thought about NUGE’s new single, he said: “This is my favorite song! The kid has something special.”

And when Z-Roc was asked what he thought about the potential for “Dreams” as an anthem/banger to jumpstart NUGE’s career, he simply remarked: “This goes too crazy.”

18-year-old DC hip hop artist NUGE was born in New York City and moved to DC in his early adolescence. Obsessed with music in all its forms, NUGE began writing, recording and performing his own tracks while still in high school. He already has two mixtapes under his belt, “340 Riverside” and “Save Me,” and is about to drop a third. NUGE’s collaborative singles like “How You Feel” with GPabloo and “Precision” with Ty Fontaine have racked up tens of thousands of Spotify and Soundcloud plays.

NUGE speaks through his music, offering raw insight and candid thoughts about his life as a young man and artist coming to terms with life, love, and all the accompanying feelings of doubt, pain, loneliness, betrayal, but also determination and triumph. His sound combines lyrical storytelling, delivered confidently with a self-aware honesty far beyond his years, with dope melody lines and catchy hooks.

NUGE is a musical omnivore, largely influenced by artists from the two towns he’s called home, but also inspired by Kanye, Drake, and Eminem, Boogie wid da Hoodie and ASAP Rocky, Sam Cook, Lucinda Williams and Frank Sinatra.

Starting 2019 with a collaborative project with Ty Fontaine, “Met On A Wave,” which has been featured on high circulation hip hop blogs such as Elevator and Soul Serum, NUGE has gained major momentum over the past couple of months, culminating in the recent release of his debut solo video “Dreams” now featured on Soul Serum and Hype Magazine.

NUGE’s music has garnered praise from fellow DC hip hop artists and producers, including DC rappers Z-Roc, Chelly The MC and the late Cliff Dixon. His fan base is surging, not only in DC and New York but also in Philadelphia where he now resides and plays high level soccer.

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