SAZE – I Won’t Lie @allSAZEmusic


SAZE’s dark and moody “I Won’t Lie” reflects on morality and contending with the darker corners of our minds. With the use of sincere and inquisitive lyrics layered with rich vocal melodies, cavernous synths, and dense basslines as well as compelling rap verses, SAZE unwraps the content in a bouncy and poingnant style.

SAZE is a New Jersey-born, Brooklyn-based indie alternative Hip-Hop recording artist, and producer whose distinctive approach to hip-hop is being hailed as compellingly eccentric, dark and blissful. Relatable and intriguing lyrical content delivered with dexterous flows, technically savvy rapping and sincere melodic and moody vocals are cornerstones of his brand.

His confidently cool yet vulnerable voice is complemented by his unique approach to production: a cocoon of rich synthesizer textures, shimmering yet strong melodies and chords, ambient but powerful bass lines complete with muscular drum sounds and palpable rhythms while modulated and precisely chopped sample flips help to further paint the sonic picture.

SAZE has found a way to craft the soundtrack to life’s ups and downs in a fresh, creative style that plays by nobody’s rules except for his own.

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