Quaid Naidoo – Diamondz @NaidooQuaid


Quaid Naidoo’s latest single ‘Diamondz’ off his upcoming mixtape ‘Project Nova’ is one of the more light and fun singles off the mixtape. ‘Diamondz’ is a feel good song created to get people grooving and jamming along. The singles simple lyrics is about the life a typical teenager who is broke yet still a dream-chaser. The single is meant to be both relatable but yet enjoyable to make you forget about your problems.

Nine-teen year old South African born artist Quaid Naidoo, who currently lives in Auckland, New Zealand is beginning to make waves in the New Zealand underground rap scene. Influenced by a wide variety of artist ranging from people like Travis Scott to MF Doom, Quaid is looking to bring his own authentic style to the game and he plans to showcase his music with his up coming mixtape ‘Project Nova’.

Quaid Naidoo’s mixtape ‘Project Nova’ is set to release September 5th 2019. Ever since he started making music back in 2016, Quaid has been on a personal journey to create positive vibes through his music, his aim to bring upon a change within the rap community within New Zealand and make his music heard world wide. Through his teenage years Quaid has regarded himself as being an outcast, or as he likes to put it ‘uniquely different’ and aims to express that through his music to show other people who feel the same that they are not alone. He is definitely one to look out for.

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