Shanzyan – OMG @shanzyan


OMG is an Instagram Story experience brought to you by Shanzyan.

Isampled Instagram’s super zoom jingle and threw 808s onto it to make it a bop. Having no idea how to approach the song, one day I turned the microphone on and mumbled ideas of what the song eventually turned into. For the music video, I recruited local Austin creatives (musicians, photographers, models, etc.) to all shoot their own selfie using the super zoom filter. Days after shooting the video, I rolled the video out in my Instagram story, which is the recommended viewing method. I uploaded the video to YouTube and Twitter as well, but the best experience comes from watching the story highlight now on my Instagram (@shanzyan).

A product of moving back and forth between California and Texas, Shanzyan is an artist-producer currently based in Austin, TX. From bouncing around different homes, living with several friends’ families, switching schools and constantly making new friends, Shanzyan eventually found his outlet in music. His influences stem from the music his older brother would play around the house, ranging from R&B, Alternative Rock, Pop, and Hip-Hop.

After stumbling upon Fruity Loops on his brother’s computer, he taught himself to produce by recreating his favorite songs by Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, and Timbaland; over time, he began making music with friends in school. Fast forward to present day, now donning years of trying experiences, Shanzyan hails the artist title – set to tell the story of how music helped him overcome his dysfunctional upbringing.

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