RajaH Ft Litty Boy – No Love @4rajah @RHJamaz


RajaH and Litty Boy’s collab effort “No Love” was inspired by heartbreaks over the years that changed the way RajaH views life and what he wants out of life.

Raja Hitla is the CEO of Saiyan Records. He started making music to deal with the pressures of life. He started making music with Slim, who is also a artist and the CFO of Saiyan Records. He is originally from Alabama, but is based out of Atlanta, Georgia. RajaH has a passion in merging Tech with the Music as he has a PhD in Business Administration as well. RajaH’s goal is to help talented artist become recognized and successful.

Born in Dothan, Alabama as Jamaz Hall, he traveled around US and overseas as his parents were in the military. Jamaz, recently became Dr. Jamaz Hall obtaining his PhD in Business Administration specializing in Management Information Systems. His trade is anything Business IT related and hopes to fuse this trade with his passion, which is his music.

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