RTB Fanatic – Graveyard! @rtbfanatic


Buttery Biscuit films the official video behind “Graveyard!” from RTB Fanatic.

GRAVEYARD! is how I live my life. The intro describes how I don’t regret or stress anything because that only bring you closer to death. Instead I take those moments as life lessons. I go with the flow and keep moving forward. Everyday starts to feel the same but I wont give up. I’m going to try anyway I can to make it out and NO ONE will stop me. I know that opportunities will come my way and some will work out and others wont but ill just keep going because I know ill make it eventually. I always find the positive outlook on every situation and make a bad situation a good time. I bring positive energy to everyone I’m around and motivate my team. In the end, “RTB” will always turn up!

Brett Johnson better known for his stage name “RTB Fanatic” was born on October 30th, 1998 & grew up in the outskirts of Chicago. He was always in the city & started freestyling with his friends just for fun whenever they got together to smoke, Brett would later move due to his father wanting to escape the cold. He moved to Florida when he was 16 and it was summer time so making friends with school being out was pretty difficult.

With nothing to do but sit at home & write music, he started to take it a bit more serious, as soon as school started again he started rapping at parties, football games, the school’s talent show and made a name for himself locally. He found a good studio to finally start recording his music and started to drop song after song until he found his style.

The puzzle was coming together meeting his friends Tanner & Tom who shot his first music video & took care of his first photo shoot which led them to become best friends and later on forming the team “RTB” which stands for “Real Top Ballers”.

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