Ryan Oddity Ft Eric Prime – Money Calls @RyanTheOddity @Eric_Prime


Ryan Oddity and Eric Prime unite to shot a video for their collab, “Money Calls”. The songs focus is to not put anything before getting money. Ryan Oddity delivers with low toned vocals over spacey production from Jody. It blends well together as Prime picks up the pacing of the song with a fast choppy verse. The Video was shot with only the idea of making it visually aesthetic as possible with shots that adds to the overall feeling/vibe of the song.

Ryan Oddity is a Hip-Hop artist from Racine, Wisconsin which is a little city just south of Milwaukee. He’s been making music since 2012, and started producing beats in 2015. Ryan directs and edits all of his music videos by himself and has been doing so since the beginning. The majority of his music consists of melodic flows but you will find a vast variety from his music. He uses different types of production from Hard 808 driven beats to rhythmic guitar riffs. Ryan creates music to try and connect with the listener through the lyrics he writes which he mostly speaks about past experiences that the majority of people can relate to.

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