Scotty Trippin – Trojan Horse


“Trojan Horse” is the 2nd video Scotty Trippin has released off his upcoming mixtape, “Trip”. Shot by DXfilms, his lyrics portray power as well as intelligence. In life there are people who claim to have good intentions when their only goal is self preservation and “he ain’t gonna fall for a Trojan horse”.

Scotty Trippin is a rapper out of White Plains, NY. He first started releasing music about 2 years ago with his first song “Downfall”. His music has a more conscious feel with influences from J. Cole and Dave East. As a rapper his only motivation is to have his fans feel his music as well as be inspired to persue their own dreams. A first generation American on his mother’s side with ties to Ghana, West Africa his tattoos show his heritage. Music is not only his passion it is his outlet. Through all his hardships he has tried to push himself through to become a powerful force on the music scene and bring back that era of conscious as well as lyrical rap.

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