Shadi Real – Take You There


Shadi Real’s newest video for “Take You There” has accrued 60,000 views in a weeks time while the number still grows daily. This song is the lead single from his second album release entitled “FAZE” This album is a unique blend between rap & r&B sounds which can be considered a breath of fresh air. All Shadi Real’s songs are not only music that vibes but something that each listener can relate to and incorporate into daily life.

He created a movement called “Real Or Die” Which stands for being authentic at all times in a world where everybody feels like they can’t be themselves. Shadi Real is a Must add on any playlist! Available on all digital music stores and streaming apps. Learn more at or follow @ShadiReal to stay up to date.

Shadi Real is a stand out artist, based out of Louisiana, that has dedicated his entire life to making a mark in the music industry. As early as kindergarten, Shadi was awarded for his talent as a writer. As time went by he realized his love for music. His passion was realized when he began to write his first songs.

As a song writer he’s able to combine both his writing talents and love for music. From a low income household he didn’t have many tools to begin his music career, However that didn’t stop him from pursuing his dreams. He bought the cheapest mic Walmart had, priced at about $7 and he began recording his first songs. Of course the quality was terrible but this is where it all began. At this point he was only 12 years old.

Over ten years later he’s still just as passionate about his craft, and his fan base has increased substantially. Shadi Real is now available on all digital stores and streaming sites all self engineered and SELF RELEASED. He has amassed over 13,000 followers on Instagram and the support is rising at a rapid pace! His goal is to finally get that record deal that allows his music to be heard on a mainstream scale and based on his story he definitely deserves it.

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