Somnea – Mona Lisa @somneamusic


Somnea’s “Mona Lisa” video is meant to convey subliminal imagery and give context to the lyrics. The song is especially relevant to Valentine’s Day as it addresses romantic interests, is family friendly, and has a unique artistic approach. It has been described as being able to make someone feel multiple emotions at once.

Somnea was born, Joseph Marcel Sampy, in Lafayette LA, and spent most of his childhood between New Orleans and Lafayette. He developed a curiosity for music at an early age of 4 upon receiving a child sized guitar from his maternal grandparents. His father influenced him and his siblings as they grew through rap sessions he would hold as a form of entertainment. At the age of 10 he joined the school band playing flute and quickly took the title of first chair flute, which was held for a multitude of years thereafter. At the age of 13 he was gifted his first electric guitar which he used to compose numerous rock songs and perform in school talent shows. Around the age of 16 he was enrolled into the Louisiana School for Math, Science, and Arts.

By this time he’d developed a preference for metal and edm, of which he began composing, producing, and performing around campus. At the age of 18 He graduated and went on to Loyola University New Orleans for Music Business. After Somnea working in a band by the name of Black Circuit, he then turned to Hip hop. This was more fitting to the local New Orleans music scene, and began releasing music. He is amidst finalizing his first full length album expected to be released late 2018 – early 2019.

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