Swerve – Twenty9 @to1swerve


Swerve is back with his latest video, “Twenty 9”. Displaying an effortless skill to ride the beat, he also demonstrates his natural word play. The video really brings life to the Single as the Swerve paints the picture of his dope vibe.

A London – born Trinidad- British, Swerve grew up between two worlds; his family’s deep ties to calypso music, Soca music and Steelpan music and the years spent soaking up the UK HipHop, Trap, Soul and R&B music in London. His skills has lead to his music being described as vibrant and fulfilling. His enjoyment of playing with words lead to picking up his skills and playing at the Tottenham Talent.

Swerve started his career early, crafting his first album Swagger the Finale (2016) when he was just switching alias from Swaggz to Swerve. Since then, he has gone on to release singles like Come 4 Tha Bag (2018), Leanin (2018) and Destiny (2018). His singles since the change wove between hard-hitting songs touching on social issues and more personal narratives speaking to life and his love love of playing with words in the digital age. For his fourth single (Lil Bitch), he took a decidedly different direction, choosing to lean into a wider array of sounds and styles, in order to convey a wider array of emotions and topics, most notably his personal life. The sound of his music has no comparison and is unique in its way. His music usually brings a very vibrant atmosphere.

Swerve currently lives in North London and is focusing on writing and recording new music.

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