Trvp Pollo – Intro Part 2 @PolloTrvp


art 2″ is the second release of Trvp Pollo’s “TRVP SERIES”. The songs are kept relatively short, aiming to introduce to the listener the variety of sounds which they can look forward to hearing from TRVP in the near future. Each song has a different subliminal message, also allowing to the audience to penetrate and learn about the artist’s everyday life. The music videos accompanying the songs, are designed to be raw, provoking and explicitly expressive; giving exclusive “real life” footage of his everyday scenarios.

With his debut song “Sauce” produced by “RedDrum” and his recently started “Intro Part” series, TRVP is proving to people that he not to be slept on. The young rapper has been one of the most productive yet underrated artists to come out of Luxembourg. Recognised as Luxembourg’s underground king, Trvp Pollo has been a household name in the streets and now newly emerging on the internet. The Benelux trapper is to be watched closely, as he announces himself with a strong debut and several projects to come in the near future.

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