BEATRAT – love world @_beatrat


The self-produced “love world” from BEATRAT pays homage to Norah Jones and is a jazzy boom bap styled single. This song says a lot but mostly it’s about chilling all day and just being lazy even though there are a million things one should be worrying about.

Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, BEATRAT has always had a creative ear for music. He started playing guitar at 10, the same age he started learning video editing. At 13 he started making beats on Garageband, via his dads work computer. Some of BEATRATs earliest inspiration came from Tyler the Creator, Cypress Hill, Gorillaz, Kid Cudi. During his junior year of high school, B.R. joined a punk/funk band as the vocalist. They recorded a few EP’s, toured for a year, and then broke up due to other members college situations.

BEATRAT went to college for 2 semesters, only to realize it was not for him. He dropped out. Without a band, or college, he started focusing on making rap music every day. He started rapping on the beats he had been making and putting out more music on the regular. BEATRAT is in the process of recording his first full length LP, and it will be released April 2019. There will be multiple music videos in the next months as well.

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