The Sneeks – Basic Shit @kaynu_


‘Basic Shit’ is the conclusion track of The Sneeks new EP, ‘Sneekin’ Out the Back Door’. This one is about focusing on the things that bring true happiness in life – difficult when the mind is clouded with “basic shit” that doesn’t really matter. The lyrics and vocals are trapped in a basic loop, trying to find escape and freedom in the melodies of the instruments. This whole project was recorded and produced by The Sneeks in their home.

With a blend of 1960’s & 70’s rock n roll, and some modern indie rock and pop vibes, The Sneeks present a familiar fresh sound to today’s rock n roll scene — naturally making the human body want to bop up and down.

Meeting in East Lansing, MI as students at Michigan State University, it wasn’t long before The Sneeks started rockin’ n rollin’ through all the house parties and venues in the area, becoming known for their fun songs, constant crowd engagement, and wild live performances.

After the release of their debut album ‘Sneek Attack’ in late 2017, The Sneeks started gaining some serious traction in Lansing. Opening for Chicago band Twin Peaks last April, and headlining their own shows at smaller venues across Michigan and to Chicago.

Over the last year, The Sneeks graduated college and moved back to Detroit area, recorded their first Christmas single, and a new 5 song follow up EP – ‘Sneekin’ Out The Back Door’ – all recorded and produced by The Sneeks.

‘Sneekin’ Out The Back Door’ brings out the musical tastes of every individual member, and builds from where ‘Sneek Attack’ left off – with a softer approach. It gives new wave a new car smell.

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