Benji Patterson – The Map @PattersonBenji


The Map is an energetic introduction to Benji. The upbeat production from Siid alongside Benji’s versatile flow gives listeners an in depth idea of the lyricist. Throughout the single, Benji discusses different things that people have identified him by. The song further talks about the journey Benji is on as an artist. In fall 2017, he took a leave of absence from San Jose State University to pursue a music career. Since then he hasn’t looked back. The Map was a collaboration project directed by Benji, Ian’t Whalley & Christian Cotiah.

Benjamin Patterson, known colloquially as Benji Patterson, is an upcoming American rapper, singer, poet, and songwriter. Genre-bending and voluble, he sustained local media presence with the debut of his hit single “Sorrow” on YouTube. Characterized by his introspective lyrics and impassioned vocals, the 22-year-old artist continues to expand his musicality through collaborating with a variety of different creatives.

A social media maven himself, Benji Patterson is a firm believer in creative exclusivity and knowledge sharing on-and-off the screen. Whether it’s learning dance choreography from influencers on Instagram or shooting a video with independent brand consultation companies, Benji Patterson demonstrates his versality as an artist.

A Pasadena, California native, Benji Patterson largely attributes his early interest in music to his father Donald Patterson, a professional bassist and multi-talented musician.

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