King Salomon – What You Expect? @KingSalomon_


“What You Expect?” from King Salomon is a high energy hip hop record with lyrics and cadences they blend the new and old school of rhyming together. It is meant to be a statement record for anyone working hard to achieve their goals.

King Salomon, is a refreshing new artist with the ability to unite older and newer Hip-Hop fans. Salomon uses his skills to talk to those who hustle and grind, and don’t get the chance to be heard. His goal is to make his last name as prominent in America, as it is back in Haiti, in order to successfully live out his family’s legacy.

“The biggest differences in my music compared to other artists is the ability to make records that can unite older more hardcore rap fans with the newer melodic fans. I speak about topics that include: the idea that destiny is real, betrayal amongst friends and family, the pursuit of success and what happiness really is, depression, and many other topics that go overlooked in today’s world.”

Jon Salomon was born in Brooklyn, NY but grew up in Roselle, New Jersey, which he describes as, “a place where you have to learn to be tough and fend for yourself.” Artists like Jay-Z, Andre 3000, Lil Wayne and Nas, helped grow his love for Hip-Hop and you can hear their influence in his music. At a young age, Salomon’s mother brought him to concerts and he always dreamed of being as big as those artists on stage.

Since those childhood experiences, King Salomon has performed in Brooklyn, New Jersey, as well as on the SXSW stage in 2018. He has also collaborated with Cruch Calhoun, Blaze the Rebel, and Prophet, as well as producer AxG Productionz, who has worked with Kevin Gates and NBA YoungBoy. Since Salomon’s start, he’s released two projects, “Book of Salomon Chap.1” in February of 2017, and followed with “Book of Salomon Chap. 2” in December of 2017. His most recent work, “Night Before,” released back in September, was featured on Respect Mag, along with it’s music video.

“Pressure,” a notable track off of Salomon’s second project, talks about how different conflicts like one’s environment, depression, money, and failure will occur throughout a person’s life, but they can still push through and shine.

“All my music is a reflection of me and my thoughts. I speak about events that happened in my life, stories from my friends and family, my everyday thoughts and emotions, as well as the grind of living with the purpose of being successful in whatever you do.”

As King Salomon pushes to build his career through unique sounds and authentic word play, and continues to push those that are hustling, as well as himself, out of the struggle and into prosperity.

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