Listen to @CBFlair’s newest banger, “Bankroll”:

You can never stay away from your calling for long, and Atlanta’s CB Flair is living proof.  After the release of his 2013 project WestsideCB decided to take a hiatus to focus on another passion project, Laicos Rebel Clothing.  Though the brand was an obvious success and is still spreading to this day, the Bankhead representative felt he had unfinished business.
He’s from a city of many musicians, but what sets CB apart from his peers is his versatility, and ability to guerrilla market any product he sees potential in. Enter his latest buzzing single, Bankroll, premiered by HotNewHipHop.
Coming off of the release of VI VI MMXVI earlier this month, Flair works at both quality and quantity. Bankroll has been slowly gaining a spot in the sets of DJs and stations throughout the southeast.  It’s all leading into his aptly titled album I’m Supposed To Be Famous Already:  Volume 1.   How many volumes will it take before he joins T.I. in the “Bankhead Hall-of-Fame”?   That’s exactly what makes CB Flair so interesting.

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