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Track: D Tweez - Mouths To Feed
Track: D Tweez - Mouths To Feed

Track: D Tweez – Mouths To Feed

D-Tweez grew up in Lefrak City, Queens, NY. He was brought up in an unstable living situation and when his parents moved, he knew he would have to give up on his dream if her left with them so he stayed and slept wherever he could get a warm floor and blanket. He was never deterred and always felt blessed that his friends would allow him to sleep on their couch. He eventually linked up with N.O.R.E. and is now a member of his Good Belt Gang imprint. 

 D-Tweez understands what it’s like to have mouths to feed. In this riveting song produced by Grammy winning producer Dre Moon and Grammy nominated producer Hagler, D-Tweez gives a high energy delivery with a flow that captivates you immediately.

From Being Homeless To Recording With Grammy Winning Producers- D-Tweez Releases His 1st Single “Mouths To Feed”!

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