Flex Luciano – The Mix @THEFlexLuciano


On Flex Luciano’s newest IVN produced track, “The Mix”, he stays truer to character than ever before.

In this song, he touches on the fact that making music helped him stay out of trouble as a kid, and even though some people ridiculed him for it, they are now trying to get in contact with him to network. He also touches on his battles with anxiety, depression, and his determination to be successful in the world of music. All of this topics were mentioned while still keeping an upbeat, enjoyable mood to the song. This track may be on more of a serious note, but it was executed in a manner that makes it something you can still vibe and have a good time to. Although he has released all of his previous music on his own accounts, he is now seeking to release this track through another outlet as to hopefully broaden his reach.

Flex Luciano grew up in Northern Michigan, and from a very young age took an enormous amount of interest in music. He learned how to play many instruments: guitar, bass, drums, and even some brass instruments. His taste in music was quite eclectic. Growing up with 2 brothers and parents who were also quite passionate about music, they very much so helped to shape his taste in music. He enjoyed anything from Bill Withers to Slayer and just about everything else in between.

Coming into junior high, he had a childhood friend who’s mother was quite the old school hip-hop head. This was his introduction into the hip hop world. Starting out with Run DMC, NWA, Digable Planets, Wu Tang Clan and many more, he took quite a liking to what he was hearing and set out to discover and develop his own taste in hip hop music. Around the age of 13, he began diving into the world of creating his own hip hop music. Equipped with a USB microphone and computer, he started to record.

With no accessible studio in his area and no one to teach him the ropes, he spent most of his time reading tutorials and learning through trial and error. Now, at the age of 22, he continues to make music. Everything he releases is self recorded, engineered, mixed, and mastered. He even took up producing and uses his own instrumentals on a handful of his songs. About a year ago, he really slowed up on releasing tracks. During this time, he worked at developing his sound into something he was truly happy with. As you can tell from taking a quick look at his social media, he really spends all of his time on creating as opposed to promoting. His twitter is completely un-used and he rarely posts on his Instagram which is his main form of social media.

Now, he’s back with an arsenal of unreleased music. That eclectic taste in music he has had since a child has worked really well to help shape his sound into something unique and refreshing, while still being cohesive enough to be recognized as hip hop.

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