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BrisB – Microphone Messiah
BrisB – Microphone Messiah

New Album: BrisB – Microphone Messiah

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BrisB’s Bio:
BrisB is one-quarter of the Loud On Sound (L.O.S.) collective, as well as an accomplished rapper in his own right. The Nigeria/ Dubai based 21-year-old artist has been doing music for most of his life, much of it with Tomi Thomas (another quarter of L.O.S.), as he stems from a music background. 
BrisB calls his sound “Contemporary Rap with a serving of Soul”. Tagged as reserved and introvert by most people he encounters, he  is very artsy and sees music as a canvas to paint his discreet emotions and express his thoughts to the audience.
Apart from music…
BrisB has a fashion line called “Wolf Skin”, which alongside his music is a dear passion of his. To him, ‘Wolf Skin’ means ‘Illuminated Darkness’ and ‘The Beauty of the Night’, which are two things that resonate with his personality as well.
The dynamic artist has a keen eye for the creative which has helped him establish both these brands successfully at such a young age. This also shows that he is not afraid to try out new things and likes to take on a challenge, which is always a plus for any artist.
Currently studying Film and Screen Production in Dubai,  BrisB is actively producing and releasing music on his own, as well as collaborating with the other members of L.O.S. despite geographical separations.
BrisB releases new EP featuring L.O.S – Completely re-brands himself with a mature identity. The artist’s new sound and looks will certainly appeal to the millennial crowd, and leave them wanting for more!
The latest release called Microphone Messiah is a versatile collection that suits all demographics and is sure to be a treat to listen to for the sound lovers. BrisB’s way of mixing his Nigerian, English and American accent in rap quickly blends in with the music that has the same type of mix. The listener is bound to enjoy the beats along with these changing accents that give the EP a multicultural feel.

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