Track: Nefu Da Boss – Just Got Paid | @Nefudaboss

Track: Nefu Da Boss – Just Got Paid
Track: Nefu Da Boss – Just Got Paid

Track: Nefu Da Boss – Just Got Paid

Just Got Paid and its Friday Night, perfect time to hit the club and mingle with the singles. Nefu Da Boss the Detroit Michigan Native artist, Drops his New Single with an old school sound, just in time for his winter club hopping music fans to vibe to. His combination punchlines and rythme give this record a east coast Detroit rapper flavor that could actually be enjoyed by many different music style fans across Hiphop and R&B genres.
Nefu’s been slowly releasing singles this past two years working towards his First Album release, testing the market and showing his skills off in the process. We’ve been following along as he builds his name up as an underground rapper with dreams to make this new album his breakout Album.
 “Im going to tell my story, and create something Epic, something I’ve been trying to create all along, but had too many distractions to make, something incredible!”
Misunderstood by many, caught somewhere between Backpack Rapper and Gangsta Rap Nefu’s story about how he grew in a City of Distress and mayhem while staying out of trouble will feed the hunger of the highly anticipated fans who’ve been waiting years to hear his story.
He stayed independent as an artist, not signing with any labels or managers, but has succeeded in finding his sound, and identifying who loved his music. You can hardly tell that he’s independent as an artist due to his major sized fan base online and commitment to his fans to keep supplying new singles like Just Got Paid and many more you can check out his music and follow up

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