Track: LB Cyphers – Sushi Party | @LB_CYPHERS

LB Cyphers – Sushi Party
LB Cyphers – Sushi Party

Track: LB Cyphers – Sushi Party

Larry Brown, aka LB Cyphers is a 20-year-old Atlanta based music artist. LB classifies himself as a multi-genre artist and his passion for poetry is directly incorporated into his appreciation for music. As reiterated by CEO, of TOP(Take Over Production Co.) , Marley McFarlane, “LB’s unique poetic stance resonates loudly through his music and showcases raw potential”.

Cyphers latest single, “Sushi Party” is based solely on the opposite sex and has received major feedback from his current fan base. He is currently utilizing his social media presence as advertisement for his music; He has also teamed up with Marley McFarlane, who’s main intention is to develop his music resume by enabling him to collaborate with Atlanta- based music producer Linz Prag and many more Atlanta-based hip hop artist as well as Atlanta-based pop-artist Natalia Rich.

LBs’ music career was solely influenced by his poetic rhymes, upon completing Dacula High School in 2014, he participated in rap cyphers to get talented kids from different schools together. In 2015 two of LBs’ tracks, “Gold” and “Outta My Cup” won him a lot of recognition among his social media followers as well as from people who heard it. LB also attended Battle Ground Monday, an Atlanta showcase run by 107.9’s The Dirty Boys in which he won twice. “Gold” and “Outta My Cup” were highly recognized as indie classics.

These achievements are responsible for his “go getter “ attitude, He admits that his musical inspirations are Bone Thugs in Harmony, Biggie and Kanye and his aspirations are to become a mainstream artist. His belief Is that passion drives success and lives by Nas quote, “If you are scared to take chances you will never have the answers.”

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