Track: Vicke Vyto – Deamin Featuring Donnie Klang | #VickeVyto


Track: Vicke Vyto – Deamin Featuring Donnie Klang

Vicke Vyto’s Bio:

MuseWrite Music presents rising Hip Hop, R&B artist and wordsmith Vicke Vyto. Born Victor Nelson Jr. he was raised in Rochester, NY, where his passion for music began to develop as a young boy. He was intrigued by the bass drums when he frequented his family’s home church alongside his mother and siblings. He often honed in on the atomic boom resonating the house of worship with an interest in playing them in mind. “I loved the drums but was too afraid to learn to play….I didn’t wanna mess it up”. Growing up in the 90’s Victor was introduced to the likes of the most influential rapper of all times, Tupac Shakur and a well-known duo by the name of Kris Kross via tape cassette that was shared by his father. “The passion grew from there.” As a 26 year old musician he specializes in bringing a no holds barred approach, his lyrical ability evokes emotional responses with an old school feel using humor, wit, and sarcasm. His lyrics are also encompassed with an honesty that is metaphorically subtle, yet blunt, unapologetic, but caring. His style is appreciated by everyone that enjoys quality and meaningful music.

In the year 2009, Victor realized that he had something significant to share with the world. “I remember sitting in the back seat of my sister’s homeboy car, as they listened to me freestyle, I thought I was terrible, but they thought it was dope!. I had my first set of supporters and I continued on from there”. Victor went on to write and record his first track titled “Ol’ Skool” that same year. While over the years he has continued to professionally pursue emceeing, he has also delved into other careers moves. By day, Victor is a Teacher’s Assistant for the Rochester City School District and is currently working toward achieving his Bachelors in English. He has also utilized his innate skills to create, write and publish several comic books to add to his many talents! Though the rapper has a versatile background, each craft somehow is perfectly intertwined and relevant to the other, enhancing and motivating the rapper to write the material he has to this day. “Music is a means of communication; it’s a way to connect with people that’s deeper than “Hey”. “There’s something magical about a group of total strangers vibing to the same tune simply because they can all relate.” Vicke Vyto has contributed that he draws inspiration from other artists such as Sade, LL.Cool J, Kanye West and Nas for his continued motivation and rising success. He has openly admitted that outside of real life events, his love of comics, and alcohol too, has played a part (rapper laughed).

“My music is real; it comes from a real place and I seek to invoke emotional response by letting mine (emotions) bleed on the track!” Using his unique sound and inviting approach, Vicke Vyto will surely entice a crowd, build followers, and generate a massive fan base! He has a colorful portfolio which include the completion of 4 projects which include his 2014 mixtape, “The Calling Card”, and first EP which released March 28th, 2015 titled “Happy Hour Mix” edition which features the up and coming artist’s hit single appropriately titled “Happy Hour”, that is a guaranteed party starter! Vicke Vyto has had many successes such as:

* Collaboration with Donnie Klang (Former BadBoy recording Artist)

* Radio play on Toronto, Canada’s 24/7 hip hop and Rochester stations, &89.1 The Point

* Interview and Feature in Local City Newspaper & magazine “Rochester Insomniac”, Citizen’s Newspaper (Auburn, NY)

* Toured as the supportive act for Lifazproductionz in Atlanta, GA

* Hometown /Distant Headlining and featured Events

….And much more to come.

MuseWrite Music is effectively carving their own lane in this competitive market and Vyto contributes a portion of his success to his manager and friend Brandi Nicole. He and his team are currently working on several more projects including his first LP.

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