Video: The Last WordBenders – Overachievers | @wordbenders828

The Last WordBenders – Overachievers
The Last WordBenders – Overachievers

Video: The Last WordBenders – Overachievers

The three track EP “Anime in the Streets, Hentai in the Sheets” is just
a taste of what’s to come in the future for the LWB, which showcases
their love of wordplay and anime pop culture. Each track shows different
sides of what you can expect from this duo, from their love of nerd culture,
to spirituality, work ethic, and those who inspire them.

The Last WordBenders Bio:
Asheville grown nerdcore/hiphop outfit The Last WordBenders have been active
as performers, and event producers since 2013 when they
made their debut at Multiverse Asheville’s Geek out convention.
Since their initial appearance, the duo consisting of MidiBoss and Jeshua
Morningstar have shared the stage with many reputable acts of all genres.
Their list of notable featured appearances includes Ces Cru, SkyBlew,
D&D Sluggers, 8-Bit Disaster, Professor Shyguy, and the Extraordinary
Contraptions- just to name a few. They have rapidly become known
for their energetic performances, deep introspective lyrics, and witty
fandom references. LWB is also part of the collective known as A.A.R.C
(Asheville Anime Regional Convention)- a quickly growing creative media
convention which just enjoyed a successful second year.

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