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“It’s therapeutic”. That’s how LA Sabree describes his love for Hip-Hop. While most people are captivated by the fame and the fortune, he’s always been more drawn to the cathartics of it all. The perspective could possibly be due to his upbringing, having been born and raised in West, Philadelphia and forced to deal with the trials and tribulations of living in a tough environment – and specifically for him a neighborhood that boasts more statistics than success stories. But for LA there’s beauty in the struggle; there’s a story worth telling about a middle child hailing from a single parent home who’s had to endure countless battles in order to survive in and navigate the world around him, And that’s the key thing for Sabree. Surviving. That’s what Hip-Hop provides him; its a means to keeping his head above water.

His latest track “Visions” has hit Spotify and Sabree had this to say about it:

A lot of things inspired me to create “Visions”. I actually wrote and originally recorded the record in 2016 and at that time I had a lot of turmoil in my life. I started to notice a lot of people around me were fake. A few of my homies switched up on me, my closest associates turned out to be my biggest haters and detractors, women I was dealing with were trying to play me, and I even had issues with people in my family not seeing or accepting me for who I am and what I wanted to accomplish in life. It’s a debilitating feeling when you realize the people around you don’t really have your back, and the same ones you’re trying to eat with secretly want you to starve. Those epiphanies helped me create the song, and the themes and quotes from three years ago still apply to my life and the situations I’ve dealt with today.

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