UGO – Holy Lamb @WhoisUgo


“Holy Lamb” from UGO is a standalone single with a smooth vibe and a relatable message. Both ear-catching and heartfelt, this hip-hop tune makes you press repeat so you can sing along and take a deeper listen. With a melodic hook and powerful instrumental, “Holy Lamb” hits a sonic sweet spot, as the artistic lyricism hits home for listeners too.

Born in Nigeria living in America, UGO unravels his journey through relatable telltale stories for his listeners. Coming from third world culture to Charlotte NC at age 16, UGO’s struggle led him to becoming the artist he is today. As a middle child of a successful Nigerian family functioning in a corrupted society, UGO’s jaded childhood filled with both love and trauma left him with subconscious mixed emotions of grace and angst. After being transplanted into the U.S, UGO had no learning curve while searching to find his place among others in a new world. As a result UGO’s stories speak of tales both unique to self and also those found commonly empathetic by listeners.

UGO first discovered his musical talent at age 7. During his primary years at military boarding school, UGO began to show promise as a star, participating in a male group of performers praised highly by staff/students. When growing up in high school in Charlotte UGO performed in talent shows, also self-producing at home. While attending UNCC, UGO began to advance as a solo artist winning university shows, booking small-time gigs. He founded his record label One Chance Records. At this time UGO met his General Manager and Executive Producer Baby 80, who co-founds OCR.

UGO has successfully maintained independence with the help of Baby 80, still self-producing and releasing music. UGO is eager to continue sharing his journey and plans to discuss topics of culture, politics and emotional suppression.

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