ABLE KeyDi – What I Feel @sweetie50k


Daniel Sweetie50k aka ABLE KeyDi is an eighteen year old beginning rapper and video editor. He started rapping at the age of 7 for fun but became consciously listening to rap at the age of 15. Later at the age of 16, he began losing interest in school and experienced a double overdose, Daniel started to feel loneliness and boredom. He wanted to express himself. So that is how he came to rapping.

Daniel didn’t have enough resources to pay for booth or for video editing, so he and his friend ABLE Niki started to learn from YouTube how to edit videos, record songs and make beats in FL Studio. Excited by the example of many young rappers who came up having no money and influence, he understood that rapping could become his chance to go up. His new song, “What I Feel”, just was released and is available on Soundcloud. ABLE said this about his process:

“I try to speak to people thru my music. It means that i don’t want to be an average rapper singing songs about pills, relationships and depression. I want to bring something more specific and more real to people. My music, as i see it, is a mix of satire covered with bass guitar and ambient.”

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