bransøn – No Option @rnbbranson


“No Option” is a new single by rnb artist bransøn. The track is carried by a dark swirling beat and trippy background falsettos while the lyrics are delivered in a mix of rapping and singing that floats on top of the ambience. Rapper SwaVay (signed to MetroBoomin) adds to the mood with a verse that meshes trap flow and lyrical skill perfectly.

Based in the small city of Amarillo TX, R&B newcomer bransøn is developing his own sound by fusing elements from hip hop and r&b. Dark, ambient beats and wavy falsettos create a vibe that is both refreshingly new, and reminiscent of the 2010-11 era Drake and The Weeknd. However, bransøn traces his roots a little further back to some of his biggest inspirations, Prince and Michael Jackson who he listened to as a kid. He also cites artists like Outkast and even The Notorious B.I.G as influential to his style.

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