itsyourfault Ft 24k – Weekend @bentheroux27


itsyourfault’s “Weekend” was originally conceptualized on a cruise with 24k.

It started as a conversation, while we were playing out some beats in my whip… and I remember saying “every night been feeling like the weekend lately” and 24k was like, “we should make a song out of that” right as the beat came on…and the bass dropped, I freestyled the hook, “Every night feel like the weekend…,” and we were straight vibing. We pulled up to his crib at the time and I wrote the hook out while he wrote his verse, and we ended up parting ways after that. But, we linked back up about a week later to record it and we got loose and made it happen. The energy was definitely flowing pretty hard.

The whole piece was just like a soulful vibe to me. After we made it we got going on the editing, but we actually lost the file and couldn’t find the track for a couple weeks. Luckily 24k had it on his files in his phone, so we had it, but we didn’t have the vocals separate from the beat so not much mixing could be done from there other than the master of the track. It was definitely a journey within itself, and it didn’t come out exactly like I imagined, but it all came together…to say the least.

“itsyourfault” is a multi-talented artist out of RI, currently in the darker scene, with a means of bringing a contradicting message, such as dark & light, and concepts that may be hard to stomach, to push not only the industry forward, but the people forward, as well as himself as a person and as an artist. He has been writing and recording songs for years, as well as having prior experience with the guitar, and singing at a young age.

His ultimate goal is to not only make great music of all kinds, and master what he’s been honing inside of him, but to enlighten others of our habits and contradictions in this simulation…such as how we can prevail, why we’re not, love, hate, etc… and try to shift the conscious of others to know that things aren’t what they seem, because it is ALL relevant to what we experience here in the now and what we leave here for people to remember on this earth, for years to come.

itsyourfault is slowly but steadily becoming his own favorite artist, and believes he will creep into others lives the same way. “Don’t worry, itsnotyourfault, NOBODY’S PERFECT.”

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