Cedric Des – Sad Right Now @realcedricdes


“Sad Right Now”, an infectious new song by West Coast hip-hop artist Cedric Des, explores the meaning of happiness, friendship, loneliness, and his attempt to reconcile them in his life. Produced by his friend, Kenaniah, ‘Sad Right Now’ features a distinct set of melancholy synths, punchy 808’s, and unique sounds that takes listeners on a roller coaster of moods. With lines like “Heart on the table for your exhibition. No fee to enter or taking pictures”, Des displays a vulnerability and rawness that’s missing in today’s self-bolstering hip-hop culture.

Cedric Des is an independent hip-hop artist local to California’s coastal city of Oceanside. Having a distinct flow, Des delivers an infectious blend of old school wordplay and new school bounce in a way that crosses genres and cultures. A servant-leader at heart, Des considers his musical talent part of his higher calling to serve mankind and his music provides a raw look into the eyes of his heart, giving tangible energy that his audience can feel. As an emerging artist in West Coast hip-hop, Des is already poised to be an influential figure in today’s music. Learn more about Cedric Des at cedricdes.com and follow his artist profile on Spotify for updates on new releases.

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