Con! – Let It Go @cboyerr


“Let It Go” by Con! is nothing short of a catchy mix of melodies. Talking from the perspective of a break up with a girl, the song attracts the ear with an upbeat vibe. The video is solely of Con!, showing that even through struggle there are good times to live and never hold on to negativity.

Mixing hip-hop and R&B, Connor Boyer “Con!” debuted his first single “Let It Go” in early August 2018. Coming from a small town, Elizabethville, Pennsylvania he started making music throughout high school. As an independent artist, he has 5 singles, with 4 official music videos currently available. He has his first official EP prepared to release on August 16th with 8 soundtracks. Building traction off of social media, he has gained a following of 10,000 on Instagram where he releases previews and fan content to the world.

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