Heretixx – MONEYCONVER$ATIONS @JacksonTheuer


Heretixx continues to redefine genre boundaries and produce against the grain of Hip-hop. His new collaboration with fellow agent provocateur Jack $un, “MONEYCONVER$ATIONS”, signifies the launch of a whole new (vapor)wave of R&B and Hip-hop, characterized by smooth textures, nostalgic melodies, unique bass lines and stellar drum programming. Heretixx’ talent really speaks for itself, and Jack $un is riding his wave all the way to the shore. The only question is, what wall is Heretixx going to knock down next?

Heretixx is a Los Angeles based producer, artist, multi-instrumentalist and DJ with a BS degree in Music Production from Drexel University and a penchant for the unconventional. Known for his versatility, Heretixx produces a plethora of genres, most notably house and hip-hop. As a DJ he has opened for the likes of Steve Aoki and Jauz and has had a residency in LA since early 2019. Most would describe his production style as modern but distinct, drawing influence from a number of eclectic artists including Disclosure, Wiz Khalifa, Travis Scott, and Louis the Child. The resulting melting pot of styles is what creates his signature sound that cannot be copied or imitated.

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