Kidd Rifft – Colors @iii_rubin


‘Colors’ is the tale of a modern-day mistress in Kidd Rifft’s eyes, yet he is single. His muse draws him in with her coy intimacy and brings him many exciting experiences and sensations, but he refuses to open himself up to her and consider her as his lady. Even though he is not considering his companions to be competing for the leading role in his life, he is afraid the “colors” she makes him feel will make her the main focus.

Talented, hungry, versatile; Kidd Rifft is a future household name who can hypnotize with a range from upbeat melodies, to crooning alternative R&B vibes, to heavy bars and articulated flows. He is a Birmingham, Alabama native who has always had a knack and passion for writing. Expect this young artist to put his city and musical influence on the map.

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