After doing polls, King Midas came to be a lot of fans favorite artists coming out of Baltimore.


When it comes to talent, There are so many names that come to mind when you’re talking musically. Yet there are some names that simply can not be missed out. Baltimore’s most underrated music genius King Midas usually reaches the top of your list. Some may say he is their favorite but it still seems he can be a bit overlooked. After dropping dong songs with YBS Sola, Fatti Da Don, B.J The Chicago Kid and many others. It would be expected that Midas would’ve taken over the music scene completely. Even with his buzz we are anticipating a lot of big moves from his come 2021.

During this pandemic a lot of artists struggled to maintain a brand that could keep the fans attention but Midas and his creative ways continued to showcase his music talent by doing a number of instagram videos that generated a lot of views.

2020 has been a tough year for everyone but King Midas is not satisfied, he is hungry to show that real music is still needed in this era. It’s over 5 instruments that King Midas has mastered alongside producing/engineering. Yes you heard it here first. There are not too many things King Midas can’t do. It’s enjoyable to watch talented artists introduce their love for music and keep the train rolling for artists who truly love the art.


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