Ace da Vinci – 106th @MrSmartMouf


Dedicated to the hits and classics of the 2000s, the “106th” music video takes you into a time machine. Although only 10 years ago, we were all in a different place in life in 2008. Low Moon Video Productions captures the essence of the aesthetic via outfits, environment changes and brilliant shots.

Ace da Vinci delivers a lyrical performance that references over 30 Hip-Hop and R&B hits! The way he weaves them all together is so effortless that you’ll never see it coming. He also produced the beat and the entire vibe makes you feel good.

Ace da Vinci is a music artist from the southside of Chicago. While most of his music is inspired by his own life, he enjoys storytelling and being a bridge that connects people of all different types of life. He’s collaborated with Chicago favorites from Jamila Woods to Saba.

Ace is the chief of SmartMouf Entertainment, and his latest album is called *ThatsHowTheLightGetsIn, an album dedicated to healing, creating yourself and finding your way. He’s working on new music all year, so be on the lookout for the vibes.

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