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Vic Sage’s ‘Attached’ release is the story of the fight to forget somebody even when it is difficult. It is the see-saw of emotions and the wave that brings one up and down when it is time to put an end to the relationship.

Vic Sage is a 23 year-old recording artist from Omaha, Nebraska. After releasing his first commercial EP, ‘Long Days Longer Nights’, Sage quickly broke into the streaming world gaining a small local and online following via Soundcloud. The lead single of this project, ‘Grind’, caught the attention of global Hip-Hop site and magazine Rapzilla, ultimately leading him to be chosen as a Rapzilla Freshman in 2018.

With his most popular release, ‘Time’, Sage was able to break into the international Spotify charts, cracking the top 50 viral list of both Canada and Australia. Then, with Omaha’s native producer Fvmeless, the duo’s debut EP ‘Low Key’ peaked in the top 70 of the iTunes Hip-Hop charts independently.

Sage hopes to tell his trials and stories of relationship, faith, and depression through his content and continue to build upon a loyal fanbase. Follow Vic on social media for the latest content: @vicsagemusic.

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